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vendredi 11 mars 2016

Sweat Your Prayers

Sand Dunes and

Diving into the old old root of life. 

 Paint your prayers

Healing nightmares with sacred white light


Arrow fish and my hurting kidneys


 Inside Cartography / Maps to ecstasy

"Imagine waking up one morning and no longer having fear.
Imagine that you awaken, step out of your door, 
and hear the calling of a bird, as if it were the first time you heard it. 
You recognize its language, for it is your language, too.

Healing thoughts are born of an open heart.

You no longer need any religion, ideology or moral appeals. 
Amazed, you realize to what extent religion was a bulwark against life itself.
Astonished, you realize how your atheism was a fight against a projected God. 
Now you can leave God alone, for God's sake.

Imagine that you are free of all that, 
because you are connected to the world of perception, 
fully connected with the divine world and its becoming.

You thankfully take on the responsability of being a co-creator, 
by remaining connected with the creative spirit, 
the spirit of the world, in all your thoughts and deeds.

You no longer need to moan and groan, 
pray and hope for things that you cannot believe will be fulfilled.
Now you know that there is thirst because there is also water."

Sabine Lichtenfels - Sources of Love and Peace - Morning Prayers

Breathe. Dance. You are Alive.

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